College of Professional Studies
Dean's Welcome

Finding Factor X 
Welcome to the College of Professional Studies at Alfred University.  Have you heard of Factor X?   Let me tell you a bit about this mystery ingredient…

Alfred University is proud of our ranking in a recent study released by the Brookings Institute titled “Beyond College Rankings.”  This study ranks colleges not on name recognition, or on selectivity of admissions, but on how well undergraduate students do after graduation. The findings? Alfred is a standout in the study, earning  94 of 100 points, as the mid-career earnings of our graduates average $21,000 better than predicted. So why are graduates from Alfred doing better than conventional wisdom might suggest? The equation used at Brookings doesn’t seem to tell the whole story, so the researchers labelled the mystery ingredients as “Factor X.” 

What then, is Factor X? Here are at Alfred we believe that Factor X is what happens every day in our classrooms, residence halls, clubs, and internships. Factor X is when….

  • Faculty members know every student in their classes by name. 
  • An advisor knows a student’s hometown and interests and connects the student with a professional associate for an internship.    
  • The first-year business students who operate the Olin Café, our student-run coffee shop, decide to donate their profits to the local Food Pantry and take a tour while handing over a check.
  • AU Saxon basketball players know that the athletic training students assigned to their team are competent to handle injuries on the court… and ask for them by name. 
  • An education student gets a hug from a local school child who sees him in Wal-Mart in Hornell. 
  • Students works with Assistant Dean Antonio Williams to find out how to change a major or add a minor and ends up envisioning themselves in graduate school. 
  • A graduating student lands the job because of Alfred’s reputation for providing students with knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience. 

These Factor X experiences are what the College of Professional Studies at Alfred is all about. We are a family of programs dedicated to preparing students for the challenges ahead as professionals in the fields of business, health and human performance, education, counseling and school psychology.   The faculty and staff in our college all share the same vision - - - to be innovators in providing the highest quality of academic and professional education and preparing our students for career success and lives of leadership.    But none of this could happen without a daily dose of Factor X.      

If you are considering one of our undergraduate or graduate programs, please take a few minutes to explore our program pages and learn about the professions at Alfred. If you are a new student, I hope that you find Alfred and the College of Professional Studies a great place to learn about yourself, your chosen career area, and your future 

Nancy Evangelista, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Professional Studies